354 / Bear Book Talk: Great At Work by Morten Hansen


April 22nd, 2020

14 mins 4 secs

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注:本期节目为全英文语音,讲述了3个技巧,教你如何卓越工作(出自华尔街日报畅销书《卓越工作》)如果你在学英语,可以试着听一听。如果觉得吃力,可以到我的YouTube频道 BearTalk 或是微信公众号“狗熊有话说”看原视频,有全程中英文字幕。

Why do some people perform better at work than others? It's a simple question, but to answer that, you might need five-year research of 5,000 employees and managers. Or you can read this book: Great at Work by Morten Hansen. In this book, the Wall-Street Journal bestseller Morten Hansen reveals the answer can be applied by anyone looking to maximize their time and performance. He did a groundbreaking 5 year's research, and got his “Seven Work Smarter Practices”.

This book is a gift from my boss. He bought hundreds of copies for all employees. Why? After reading this book, I found the answer. Let's check it out!


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